Peanut Butter Yogi

    Go figure, after a big training day for upcoming school year, I was starving and came home and ate a peanut butter sandwich. In most instances, likely…not impossible as it was in a 100 calorie pita and reduced fat PB. But then I forgot I had hot yoga…so off I go and discovered […]

A Child That Was Never Mine…

And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth is mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat […]

The Seine River, the Cultured Version of Water World

And other nonsense views of an American in Paris… Oh the mis-truths abound of the people in Paris, so my trip began with a little fright. My initial thought is that the first uppity France first advocate, Americans are dirt and we would be vacationing in an RV the rest of our days debating what […]

20140707-070107-25267264.jpg July 07

30 Days…Or So…

    The challenge of self-transformation begins today.  I have purchased a month in the land of work-out purgatory.  True Hot Yoga or Bikram with music is my new home day-in and day-out.   The daily grind is supposed to bring forth an euphoric experience from daily Bikram grind.  Which frankly, I am unsure of… I do know I […]

The No Answer, Answer

It happens, I experience it often. The pregnant pause of compliments or the lack of one. Actually it is fear of truth be told by the questionee. It happens. Oh not at first in a marriage, that is the period where you can wear a bag and look fabulous…I tried it…it worked. Me and my […]


Quite literally frozen, no words have come to my brain worthy of much…that means this blog is nothing either than an exercise of futility and hopefully an awakening to a words. Trying my usual reading, chatting, pouring over webites and magazines not for inspiration but just the bringing to life of a novel well on […]

The Long Drive Home

  We have taken many drives but never as many as 3 years ago. Never as difficult, and never as sweet. Our first drive brought us to an area in the SW region of a town that I foundly call No-Whereville, where a Goodwill would have been a welcome sight…none were found, the only sights […]

Unsung Hero, Kathleen…Aka, Mom

All in Tyler's life have superior powers of an inner strength, and blessings from their undying faith. However, luking in hidden rooms and crevices and flitting throughout the house is the true power that brings a new meaning to Superwoman…Kathleen, AKA MOM! No ordinary human being, no an angel just like her sweet boy… Her […]

Superman has Nothing on Tyler! Nothing!

    Every year I celebrate another year down, done and a year ahead of possibilities. Until two years ago, I took birthdays for granted…just another year, that is all, another year…bring on the gifts, please! I am not sure I am alone in this reality of invisibility. Perhaps none of us are there, as […]

The List…The Eagle…Happy 26th Anniversary!

The blog of all blogs, which yearly takes me a week to write. I am already 4 days in the hole due to procrastination and the constant feeling that the words would just come to me, like magic. Writing does not work like that, it is painful, gut wrenching, and quite like mid-evil torture. But […]


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