Santa Does Exist…

This week among my weekly stressors I found out a shocking news…Santa does not exist! I actually have 2 sweet students and probably more that do not have a Santa…now if you know me this is the kind of stress that sets me over the edge!

Truly way over to the point of tears. No Ho Ho, No Elves, No wrapping paper badly misshapen, No anything, just another day…but a day not of worship, for them a day of sadness. So no worship, happy family scene or dinners…along with no Santa gifts…sadness! I took to the teachers lounge my refuge from all things over the top this week….

Mrs. L. You remind me of my grandmother

A teacher stated I remind her of her mother

A sweet child stated I wear too much makeup (oh please, but I cried)

Children bordering addiction and trying me daily…as I become the DEA

Children not eating lunch as they cannot afford the $9.00 a year….an elf will be rectifying this one!


Now as for the age comments…Truth…I am 50 and that is forever in their worlds. But I am also the coolest teacher, stated by my band of merrymakers and they love me…so 50 and on up is fine as long as I never lose my edge! So no Chicos or Coldwater Canyon…for now! But my DEA action and making sure my band of hurt souls eat…sigh!

But SANTA that springs this elf into action…now I cannot save the world, or stress about the world, but Christmas gifts…well, Santa can spare a couple, as rumor has it she is blessed…you see Santa does exist. But not in the form you all know!

The beard has been gone for awhile now…thank you very much, and the white hair is now blonde…and as for weight, well that was just a joke that went a little far…with Bikram I am down to a very nice weight and size and by Christmas expect to be delivering in another size down.

Red is only for election events…and my fur of choice is mink, yes, Santa is a little naughty…but very nice!So don't read the papers they have it all wrong!

Transportation is no longer the reindeer as my face could not stand the wind effects, I go stretch limo…cost effective and easier on the skin!


So I am on my way just a tad different…singing show tunes, wearing mink and black Louboutins (which absolutely kill by midnight) and dashing in and out of the Mini Cooper limo…

As for Santa…um, me…you make my day everyday but on that particular day my smile will be brighter because of you, my feet in ice and the limo getting service, and the mink in its cedar closet packed away! I will be blessed to be around my family I love surrounded by little blue boxes…

As you know Santa is a little high maintenance…and a whole lotta diva!




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