Finally Ready!



Yesterday, was wished a happy birthday…of sorts.  It was a happy last month of 50, charming and thank you for the thought.  Yes, rounding 51, and finally ready to admit I am 50, ironic…but 50 was difficult.  It had it’s moments and none of them had any charm…

A tough year by many standards beginning with the AARP card, a metabolism slowing, and countless lines that are crossing my face, with the utter slap in the face or rear of, “Your 50, let’s do a colonoscopy…”  “Oh please, lets!”  Crap…literal and figurative.  The joys of turning 50, how I count thee ways! 

Within the physical joys of life I had the midlife crisis, I guess I was too busy at 40 and 45.  So 50 was it…I went blonde, love it…my husband bought me the obligatory car, ok…my birthday did coincide with the death of my SUV, so he got lucky…and I sized down to a small SUV to go along with my new crisis mode…I became difficult and very staunch in my ways, along with needy and self-doubting.  My glass was seeming to drain not fill…

Until now, I am a month away from 51 and I am ready for my close-up.  Bring on the balloons, the party, the gag gifts, the dinners, the special treatment, the whole enchilada…I want it all, because now I finally am ready to celebrate with my glass filled to the brim and usher in the year and decade and decades of me!  So let the celebration begin…and for gifts, ooh the ideas are endless…but of course they begin and end at Tiffany’s, Cartier, and a turn at Louie Vitton…

I am back!


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