Thank You Book

In reviewing the first 20K words and writing this morning, I like the work. It resonates. It is also, the step that I am taking to not only send a message for addicition, co life but my own difficult recovery, both from watching my co life and my shopping recover.

I am in shopping recovery, I know that as I go through everything in my life that caused a passion to slip into a life of blackness, or in many cases AMEX Platinum. Oh, yes I still shop…but now I can make a list and stick to it, walk into a store and walk out without a bag of goodies, and just look and re-define my own closet and only fill in with needs based on my look, and not the myriads of other fashion disasters or moments of fleeting desire. I can, I will, I must keep these thoughts in check.


To recover you need to know what you are recovering from. This book or Memoir, is bringing this clearly into focus as much as it hurts to write, it is necessary…hopefully not just for me, but if so…it is a gift, if it is read by others and provided a laugh, an insight, and a direction I have had success.
So thank you book, thank you words that keep tumbling out of my brain, thank you for the hours I spend on my Ipad writing, recording and refining of thought and constant parallels to my darkness and my obsession. My recovery took time, is taking time and is finally happening one step at a time, with a tough and a constant realization of the past and my future without the the need to whip out the platinum.

So thank you to the truth and thank you to my guts going forward!




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