They Call Me Flipper…Flipper…


If you read this thinking this blog is about a dolphin, you are my age, or were in my sorority during the yesteryears.  If you think houses…then you are a one of the realistic fools who lives by the adventure of flipping for a profit and lives in the land of Lowes.  I still like the dolphin metaphor but it is houses I am blogging about today…

I am now entering the land of flipping.  Unbelievable but true.  It looks so easy on HGTV, right???  Buy a house, knock down every wall and throw a rug or two around and there you have it, a true diamond in the rough.  I think not…

But we have decided to do this…except we do not do Lowes and struggle with the concept of the hammer. 

So others will do the work, or permanent damage could and would occur not just from the hammer, but the chain saw and other asundry items builders, real builders use.  It would be a mess, an absolute mess.  Not anything we would delight in…no, not us.  But we are going to flip…we have flipped.  I think it is our age.

So in preparing for our flip I have created 10,000 pins, idea books on Houzz and other assorted lists to get this project rolling.  The design is there, in my head and on my phone.  I have the complex and the simplistic…I have hardwood, and marble, subway tile and mirrors galore.  I have our token colors of grey, black, white and beige, I have the shocking and the not so shocking.  To wainscot or to not that will be the question…but cookie cutter interior is out of the question.

In fact in the land of community mailboxes, I have even prepared for the fact that I still will have to share…so I will hang my own…my own little piece of difference that will just remind me as we flip and decorate our own little corner of the world that will be anything but ordinary, once inside,

I must have a special little piece of mailbox history, or at least in the land of the community AZ world, all I have known…on the outside representing days of old, at least in our state. 




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