Ray Bradbury, A Man Before His Time

Ok, I was supposed to stay away for a month. I made it a week. But in my week of reflection and restraint…I learned. As a writer, I over-reflect and certainly do not need the month I purposed…ok, an excuse but it does sound brilliant.

My Reflections and Ah Ha's

1. No one needs to know every moment of my life. No one. It is not that exciting.

2. Sharing politics is not a need. But those that will debate make life a bit more interesting!

3. Everything that is important to me is not important to everyone else, still struggling with this thought, but I guess it is true…sigh!

4. Social Media is about making your life interesting, and I am boring…truly, truly, truly. A closet nerd who refuses to come out, oh, I just did.

5. The articles of the sites I am following are marvelous and can be saved on my Pocket App quickly! No need to dwell on the exciting lives of others…or post the boredom of mine. Seriously, I probably I have followers that just hope I backpack Europe soon. Not happening, I like hotels, but you get my drift.

6. Everyone seems to be cutting back, again did I start something? Hardly, I am just slow to the trend.

7. Pinterest is a kick, love it. My mind does not go to mush.

8. I am not exciting. Mentioned and obvious.

9. Serious moment (really)…in having my 7th grade class read The Veldt, we discussed the overuse of social media…I always learn and this year I actually listened in class. Insert nerd, insert dull. Insert rigor for 7th grade. Sorry, had to it is my own Common Core hatred that forced me to use that word, and again…rigor…oops, politics, (sorry).

10. Social media is a time filler…I really don't have time, unless I give up cleaning and laundry, shopping and cooking, which I tried but made my family a little distraught, except for the cooking, quite thankful actually!

So I did it for a week…ok, not a great accomplishment but I made a week. Now, I check in, throw a few likes in, check on articles that I love to read and catch up on fabulous activities some of my friends are doing…or extend prayers to others and really try to post something fabulous, but my fabulocity is truly someone's boredom.


I still cannot understand why posting orange is a comeback color is not exciting to people, but sadly no likes…:( So my posts will be in moderation and will have to wait until a miracle of excitement comes my way.


So a week away, it was enough. I did see my own obsession and frankly now see others…I won't tell, it is ok. Life in my world will come at me with or without the posting of my daily moments. So now I will use it for what it is intended for, that backpack trip to Eurpoe…until then, anything else was just being sucked into the world that is not really a world, just a filler, and perhaps a dangerous world that everyone needs their little weeks away to see that tasting the coffee is better than posting about it. Ray Bradbury was a man and writer before his time.




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