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Ray Bradbury, A Man Before His Time

Ok, I was supposed to stay away for a month. I made it a week. But in my week of reflection and restraint…I learned. As a writer, I over-reflect and certainly do not need the month I purposed…ok, an excuse but it does sound brilliant. My Reflections and Ah Ha's 1. No one needs to […]

FB The Social Version of Telehone

The innocent laughable game as young children we played during our first boy-girl parties. We laughed and laughed! No ill will, no real gossip. It ended in that room, like Vegas. But welcome to FB. A social platform that gives all relatives to gawk at baby pictures, posed holiday pics and of course the matchy […]

Keep Calm FB Will Come Back On

    My heart raced as my tie to all things social, and my being too social stopped last evening. Yes, my FB went dark, and in those moments I wondered survival…how would I know the weather, latest quips from my favorite friends and how would I contact the world about doing another load of […]


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