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Shadcanit Not Yenta. The Pro-Golfer Life. No More Doubles.

My mind this week was in a constant state of pong ping inside my head. Here’s a topic. There’s a topic. Where’s the topic. Oh, many ideas, infact too many, and so they bounced, bounced and bounced. Inside my mind and out in a flash as my fingers did not feel the impetus to rush […]

Beige No More

Yeah, right… Not the one to ask what restaurant to go to, there will be long pauses of nothing and I usually end up anywhere, and thank you quite fine with that. Decisions are not my thing in my personal life, I am still learning. I do not even do mani/pedis quite right…always going with […]

Ray Bradbury, A Man Before His Time

Ok, I was supposed to stay away for a month. I made it a week. But in my week of reflection and restraint…I learned. As a writer, I over-reflect and certainly do not need the month I purposed…ok, an excuse but it does sound brilliant. My Reflections and Ah Ha's 1. No one needs to […]

They Call Me Flipper…Flipper…

If you read this thinking this blog is about a dolphin, you are my age, or were in my sorority during the yesteryears.  If you think houses…then you are a one of the realistic fools who lives by the adventure of flipping for a profit and lives in the land of Lowes.  I still like the dolphin metaphor but it is […]

Social Media Attachment Disorder

No it is not real…but I am sure someone will coin my phrase and it will soon be a # in our lives. Yippee! Another # to complicate the lives of Twitter followers and those that have mastered the intertwinement of FB and Twitter…I cannot even get rid of pages that are no longer used […]

Groundhog Day

      It is 9:30 pm and I am still awake, and I am planning to stay that way…for at least a little while longer. You see I am in a rut, no a hole, more like a crater. I have put myself there, I have lived by a calendar. Eat, sleep, work, clean, […]

Cook, No, Crockpot

I can't cook and yes, I admit and rather proud. If I could cook it would be divine intervention and I spend my live in a circus in a freak tent. As my grandmother could not cook…so it would have skipped or truly be a Christmas miracle. No pun intended. Truly, respect the day. So […]


Caution this is not sarcastic and may cause feelings and thought. What is your Christmas color…red, green, blue or white. I found out today I am a mixture of red, green and blue. Which if combined is black. My Christmas has always been black. Sad. It is learned. Until this year. I am breaking this […]

Read Mail Then Delete…

    There are things to delete from our lives and things to savor. Mail of no importance, Facebook, and Twitter. These social oddities should be read and then delete, scroll down, or stay off…Let it go…nothing is more important than enjoying life. Let it go, decide on the important aspects in your life and […]


Random acts of not feeling old… Throw out that AARP card! Please when is 50 old! I have thrown out two…next one, and oh, they will hear from me… Toss catalogs immediately that have elf shoes on cover, next to kitty earrings…this is a trap. Do not open…you will age by 5 years! Immediately! Think […]


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