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Shadcanit Not Yenta. The Pro-Golfer Life. No More Doubles.

My mind this week was in a constant state of pong ping inside my head. Here’s a topic. There’s a topic. Where’s the topic. Oh, many ideas, infact too many, and so they bounced, bounced and bounced. Inside my mind and out in a flash as my fingers did not feel the impetus to rush […]

Beige No More

Yeah, right… Not the one to ask what restaurant to go to, there will be long pauses of nothing and I usually end up anywhere, and thank you quite fine with that. Decisions are not my thing in my personal life, I am still learning. I do not even do mani/pedis quite right…always going with […]

Ray Bradbury, A Man Before His Time

Ok, I was supposed to stay away for a month. I made it a week. But in my week of reflection and restraint…I learned. As a writer, I over-reflect and certainly do not need the month I purposed…ok, an excuse but it does sound brilliant. My Reflections and Ah Ha's 1. No one needs to […]

The Art of Nothing, the Recognition of Everything

The art of nothing. I have mastered it this weekend as I was in recovery from not being 100% and at my side, my bestie. Taking care of everything and even feeding my body pizza. Not on the macro diet, but I think he saw a need, perhaps it was my walking around the house […]


Caution this is not sarcastic and may cause feelings and thought. What is your Christmas color…red, green, blue or white. I found out today I am a mixture of red, green and blue. Which if combined is black. My Christmas has always been black. Sad. It is learned. Until this year. I am breaking this […]

The People and Places I go…

Oh yes, the places I will go and the people I have seen… Lately, I have swelled with only the coolest cats.  Dollar store babes wearing tropical hats with Christmas lights, kids taking apart everything in dollar stores so crafters like me can get annoyed, and other interesting human bargain hunters all looking for in […]

The Christmas Letter is Not Christmas…IT is Terror!

The saccharin filled letter that haunts our souls…the Christmas letter, that is over-the-top and truly obnoxious.   A tradition to some. Comedy of errors to us. We laugh for days at one particular friends attempt to wish us greetings through a day by day account of perfection. Sweet perfection. No reality and truth just perfection […]

How Not to Empty Nest…

    Do not let anyone fool you with pictures of exotic locations or happy pictures in restaurants, that are now being experienced due to freedom…they are texting and posting pics on Facebook to remind their children they are still among the living and coping very well, thank you…NOT! Ah, the syndrome that never leaves…empty […]

Bland Street

I live on bland street. It does not have the flavor of Mulberry street with the hustle and bustle and with wild and crazy differences. No this is a street where homes are the same color, cars same shape, and for some reason that is unknown to me white appliances abound…even a new one being […]

The Leopard Cowboy, No Shopping and Christmas Strike!

  Ah the creation of a home that is a cross between hotel, without the mints, and the hiding boxes in every corner that will not be opened…no, no, no, we will just pretend everything is new upon landing in our final destination! I am thinking bows for the holidays…a fab look for every home! […]


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