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Shadcanit Not Yenta. The Pro-Golfer Life. No More Doubles.

My mind this week was in a constant state of pong ping inside my head. Here’s a topic. There’s a topic. Where’s the topic. Oh, many ideas, infact too many, and so they bounced, bounced and bounced. Inside my mind and out in a flash as my fingers did not feel the impetus to rush […]


Quite literally frozen, no words have come to my brain worthy of much…that means this blog is nothing either than an exercise of futility and hopefully an awakening to a words. Trying my usual reading, chatting, pouring over webites and magazines not for inspiration but just the bringing to life of a novel well on […]

And Yet The Humble Beginnings of a Life Conflicted…

Simply Complicated, The Life and Times of a Complicated Diva (working title…I am sure this is debatable)         In looking at chapter 7 I screamed (internally) and stared at my nails, I am so easily diverted it is hysterical. So with appointment now set for mani/pedi I realize I must get through […]

Ray Bradbury, A Man Before His Time

Ok, I was supposed to stay away for a month. I made it a week. But in my week of reflection and restraint…I learned. As a writer, I over-reflect and certainly do not need the month I purposed…ok, an excuse but it does sound brilliant. My Reflections and Ah Ha's 1. No one needs to […]

Thank You Book

In reviewing the first 20K words and writing this morning, I like the work. It resonates. It is also, the step that I am taking to not only send a message for addicition, co life but my own difficult recovery, both from watching my co life and my shopping recover. I am in shopping recovery, […]

Title Please…

At this point it is time to unfold… The title is not that Simply Complicated , The Life and Times of a Complicated Diva. Shocker, I know, but fitting I am now 1/3 of the way through the book with 5K words accomplished this week…oh with holes and much more either needed or to be […]

Social Media Attachment Disorder

No it is not real…but I am sure someone will coin my phrase and it will soon be a # in our lives. Yippee! Another # to complicate the lives of Twitter followers and those that have mastered the intertwinement of FB and Twitter…I cannot even get rid of pages that are no longer used […]

Heart Delighted and Shattered

    Tonight I either delight or take a sigh of determination and move on, tonight I find out if I have an agent. A book agent…a real live human being taking interest in my silly little hobby. While waiting, I am also sitting out days at school living through a dreaded flu, bacteria infection. […]

Writer, Why?

This is my mind…   What causes me to sit at a keyboard and pour my guts into the written word in any form. It is happening now and words cannot explain the process, but it is happening, finally! After years of thought…oh, I have a story. To outlines of chapters. To titles. To a […]

Chapter 1

    Chapter 1…and it begins Sitting in the psychologists office, not my first visit, nor my last…we discussed my childhood or at least we began, but instead of chatting on a nice couch with a guide to all the answers, I was given instructions on how to let the craziness go. Directions that I […]


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